About the Artist

About the Artist

Clio Smith (b. 2001) is a painter who creates landscapes, still lifes of interior spaces, and portraits. She grew up in Northern California, and after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2023, she moved to Manhattan to expand her artistic vision and develop her artistic career.

Clio uses bright, vivid colors to capture the life and
beauty she sees in the people, seemingly trivial household objects, and landscapes of paths that she paints. Her work is shaped by her diverse experiences and studies in Japan, Germany, and Brazil. This global perspective enriches her art, reflecting a blend of natural and cultural influences from different environments around the world. Her paintings are an expression of gratitude for and testimony of her experiences.

How it Started

Clio has always enjoyed creating and sharing her art with people. In high school, she exhibited her works in galleries and museums across the United States. In college and presently, she has sold her handmade origami earrings through this e-commerce site and in boutiques along the west coast. She now frequents the art galleries in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC and continues to create oil paintings in her studio and sell prints and commissioned pieces.

Creative Inspiration

Clio's handcrafted origami earrings are inspired by when she lived in Japan as an exchange student at age 16. She folded different origami with her friends there at her high school. Although they didn't speak the same language, they connected through folding paper into beautiful creations, and now Clio continues to share this cultural tradition.